How to reach us

Castle Square Suite is located in the pedestrian area, access to the square is restricted by the Limited Traffic Zone regulations from 7,30 to 10,30.

A taxi stand is opposite the hotel.

Porta Susa railway station is just a 20-minute walk

Porta Nuova railway station is just a 17-minute walk

There is an Aci parking in Castle Square open 24 hours a day. If you need further information about parking fees please visit the website

The Sandro Pertini international airport is 30-minute taxi ride away. A shuttle bus is available from the airport, departures every 15/30 minutes and bus stops at Porta Susa and Porta Nuova railway stations. Travel time 45/50 minutes.

A railway line links the airport and the Dora GTT station in Turin with a travel time of 19 minutes. From there you can reach the Porta Susa, the tube and the town center.